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      Boiling Blue Manna Crabs

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      Boiling Crayfish, Prawns, Mud Crabs

Basic how to cook crabs / prawns / crays

Boiling Crayfish, Prawns and Mud Crabs

Prawns, Crayfish/Lobster & Mud Crabs use the same method of cooking in steps 1 to 4 (see left), however, prawns are left on the boil for approximately 5 mins (or until a vibrant orange/pink). Crayfish/Lobster & Mud Crabs are left on the boil for about 15 minutes, depending on the size (or until a vibrant orange).

Cooked crabs

Boiling Blue Manna Crabs

1: Bring a large pot of water to the boil and approximately 2 tablespoons of salt and 1 tablespoon of sugar. Once water is at the boil place crabs in the pot upside down.


2: Cook for approximately 5-8 mins. Once they start floating & are a very vibrant orange colour it is a good indicator to tell they are cooked.

3: Once crabs have reached this point, take them off heat and place them into cold/ice water.

4: Let sit for 5-10 mins & then clean the crabs.

5: Clean crabs by lifting the flap underneath them and removing the top shell, then rinse under cold water briefly and remove the mouth parts and gills.