If we haven't got anything on our permanent stock list that you'd like us to order in for you, contact us by phone or email, or even drop in if you feel like it, and we'll be happy to order in the product for you.

All our products are snap frozen straight after being caught, which means that you get the freshest possible seafood when you get your seafood from us.


Our permanent stock list is:

Shark Fillets
Emperor Fillets
Snapper Fillets
Barramundi Fillets
John Dory Fillets
Monk Fish Fillets
Blue Bone Fillets
Pearl Perch Fillets
Coral Trout Fillets
Crocodile Tail Fillets
Cobbler Fillets
Ocean Trout Fillets
Goldband Snapper Fillets
Whiting Fillets
Smoked Cod Fillets
Mullet Fillets
Tuna Steak
Swordfish Steak
Salmon Steak
Smoked Salmon Pieces

Whole Snapper (Scaled Cleaned & Gutted)
Whole Rainbow Trout (Scaled Cleaned & Gutted)
Whole Flounder (Cleaned & Gutted)
Whole Baby Barramundi (Scaled Cleaned & Gutted)

Large Exmouth King & Tiger Prawns (Cooked & Raw)
Jumbo Exmouth Tiger Prawns
Exmouth Prawn Meat (Peeled)
Marinated Prawns
Fisho is famous for quality fish

New Zealand Pacific Oysters
Coffin Bay (South Australian) Oysters

Scallop Meat
Rottnest Island Scallops (when in season)
Cleaned Half Shell Scallops

Marinara Mix
Baby Octopus
Large Octopus
Marinated Octopus
Calamari/Squid Tubes

New Zealand Greenlip Mussels
New Zeland Greenlip Mussel Meat
New Zealand Marinated Mussels
Fresh Local Black Mussels
Fresh Cleaned Black Mussels

Blue Manna Crabs
King Crab
LIVE Mud Crabs
Blue Manna Crab Meat
Soft Shell Crabs

Bug Tails

Kina Roe
Squid Ink
Fisho is famous for quality fish